Freedom to grow


At Active Life, our pediatric specialists provide an encouraging environment where your child can grow successfully as they learn to live with their orthotic or prosthetic device. We understand the challenges your child can face and how important it is to have a care team you can count on.

Helping Children Play Without Limits

Active Life pediatric specialists are dedicated to improving children’s balance, stability, and movement.

Our board-certified orthotists work alongside parents and therapists to determine the best bracing solution for a child’s individual needs and lifestyle. Our accredited facilities offer a wide range of services addressing common conditions such as cerebral palsy, plagiocephaly, scoliosis, muscular dystrophy, toe-walking, and more.

Pediatric Specialties


Active Life offers a variety of pediatric helmet solutions. With innovative, customized, low-profile designs, our helmets are a unique alternative to dated foam helmets, setting a new treatment standard for cranial remolding therapy. When your patient needs cranial remolding therapy, place your trust in Active Life with the most advanced technology available today.


When it comes to prosthetic solutions, our specialists know that each child’s needs can vary widely. Because every child’s body size and weight constantly change, and children have different activity levels, athletic interests, and capabilities—a lot is taken into consideration with the design and development of pediatric prostheses.

Lower Limb Orthotics

Pediatric lower limb orthotics is a unique and exciting area of orthotics that requires exceptional clinical skills. We are able to interpret the needs of a child often voiced through a parent or caregiver while incorporating the functional requirements of the prescribing physician.

Pediatric Treatment Steps

Identify patient's needs

Determine the best bracing solution

Trial fit the product

Discuss findings

Finalize Treatment Plan

Order and fabricate

Fit and fine-tune

Recommended Shoes for AFOs

Finding shoes that fit over an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) used to be very difficult, but there are now many options that satisfy this need. The links below contain shoes that are wider and deeper than typical designs, and some even have split-size shoe ordering options. 

For Billy Footwear, follow this process when you put the shoes on for the first time with your brace.

  1. Put on your AFO
  2. Unzip the shoe all the way, loosen up the laces a lot, and remove the insert
  3. Put the foot with the AFO in the shoe
  4. Zip up the shoe
  5. Lace up the shoe


From now on you should not have to untie and tie the shoes again.


Amputee Coalition

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Lower Limb Orthotic Descriptions for Children

Download our helpful guide to learn about advanced pediatric lower limb treatment options

Hip Exercises

Exercises for optimizing gait with lower limb orthoses and prostheses