Freedom to customize

Digital Technologies

Our digital solutions integrate innovative technologies that make treatment easier and more convenient. This is how we make room for what really counts: customized patient care for more quality of life.

Digital Specialties

iFab - The Future of O&P Care

Digital empowerment

Driven by innovation, we are using our solutions to build a digital ecosystem that improves the quality of customized patient care and promotes rapid independence and mobility. All our solutions are designed to utilize the benefits of digitalization to improve the working environment within the O&P industry and in the lives of patients.

MyFit TT - Developed to connect

The digitally designed MyFit TT test and 3D printed definitive sockets help you accelerate your patient care process and boost your efficiency. With it’s fast and easy design process MyFit TT supports you to reach optimal fitting results within less time. MyFit TT is developed to connect craft & digitalization, people & processes and quality & effeciency.

Both the scanning and the modification software are intuitive to use and require only little training, making MyFit TT the ideal start into digitizing your patient care. We help you create an outstanding user experience through a seamless customer journey for your patients.

MyCRO Band - Shaped with Care

The Ottobock MyCRO Band is a temporary orthosis to aid in the correction of head shape caused by positioning. The orthosis uses contact and growth zones to guide the growth of the head.

The contact zones define gentle limits for growth, while the growth zones leave space in areas required for forming the natural head shape.

MySize Closure System allows for adjustability as the child grows. The orthosis is made based on a scan, 3D-printed with thermoplastic material and contains a soft, washable lining on the interior.


Amputee Coalition

Find valuable resources, local support communities, and news in amputee community through the Amputee Coalition

MyCRO Band User Guide

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to properly use and care for the MyCRO Band

MyCRO Band Parent Brochure

Learn more about the MyCRO Band and its capabilities to help treat your baby with plagiocephaly or brachycephaly